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When I came out..

Again an other When I came out..

Every day across the world, people are coming out — to themselves, to friends, to family, to strangers, as gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. And every story is unique. Some are funny. Some are disappointing. Some are inspiring. Some are heart-breaking.

When I came out to my parents I said, “Surprise, I’m pregnant!”
The look on their faces were priceless.
Then I continued, “…is what O would say if I was straight. But since I’m a lesbian, I have 99 problems, but that will never be one of them.”
Of course them being Asian, they threw a slipper at me, but that only because they seriously thought I was serious about being pregnant. They’re actually pretty chill about the lesbian thing. My dad let’s my brothers and I check girls out together.

When I came out I told my friend in the park. She said okay and threw a cake at me. We had a food fight and she just told me we had a gay fight, and that’s how she came out to me

When I came out it was at my friend’s birthday sleepover party at 1 in the morning. We were playing Marry F*ck Kill and my friend gave me 3 guys. I killed one, then said, “Can I have girls? I’m lesbian.” They said, “Wait, really?” I nodded yes, then they gave me girls

When I came out as transgender for the first time, my best friend’s initial reaction was, “Do you know how much that’s going to cost?” I believe I have told everyone that I have come out to since, because of how funny it is now. Obviously at first I was like, of all things to say, she says that. She accepts me completely and our relationship hasn’t changed.

When I came out, it was as bisexual to a friend at school. I couldn’t get the words out and she said, “Do you bat for that team?” And I said I bat for both teams. Many months later, I now have a girlfriend and think that I actually might be a lesbian.


Anonymous asked:

I dream about women, but I always thought to be heterosexual. But when my boyfriend kissed me I did not hear anything and often fixed butts and breasts of women. Help!

Dreams are just dreams. But maybe you are currious about women. Just let that happen. Discover yourself. If you see a girl you like?. Go for it.


Anonymous asked:

I'm 16 and I have feelings for girls but im not compeletely sure am i a lesbian or bi. im wondering should i come out even though im not 100% sure of my sexuality?

Hmm you can come out and say something like that you like girls. But you not compeltely sure about it. But you know that you are bisexual and maybe even a lesbian.

leslove1812 asked:

Hey How are you :) So I have this friend, and I really really like her. I'm almost positive she's strait but she keeps sending me all these mixed signals. She will sit in my lap, and tackle me down to her bed and be practically straddling me, then she'll just sit there. She hugs me a lot. And she likes to act like we are engaged. I'm so confused😫 Do you have any advice?

Maybe she likes you. Tell that you like her. And see how she react. Who knows maybe she likes your back. Maybe not then you can still be friends. But first talk about it. Explian your feelings.

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