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Myths & Facts About Homosexuality

Sexual orientation is a choice?

Sexual orientation of gays is not a decision made by choice and truth be known that its not something they have chosen for themselves rather it is self-discovered from early childhood. Homosexuality is not a choice, there are evidences that states the fact that homosexuality is partly genetic and biologically based. Sexual orientation cannot be taught or changed as Homosexuals discover their sexual preference much against their will when they reach the age of puberty and they are definitely not driven into the so-called ‘gay lifestyle. I have many gay friends and trust me the continuous pressure mounting upon them have made them say in their weak times that in this very society we live in, if they had a choice to make they would much rather prefer to be a heterosexuals

All animals are straight?

 There are so many people who hold the belief that homosexuality isn’t natural and in only male-female pairing people can establish a natural relationship. Contradicting this popular perception, scientists have discovered that there are more than 1500 species in our animal kingdom that exhibits homosexual behaviour. Lions, Penguins, dolphins, swans, giraffes, and monkeys are some of the species that practice homosexuality. Animal’s behaviour is determined by their natural instincts and clearly they are not influenced by the very modern culture. So it’s not just humans that are homosexuals, symptoms of homosexuality has also been noticed even in animals which I hope now clears the unsubstantiated belief and can help people view homosexuality in the light of possible change in perception.

Being gay is unnatural and therefore they are unsuccessful, poor and unhappy?

Gay couples are financially much better off than straight couples. Lesbians and gay men render service in a diverse variety of careers. They are creative and intellectually smart and they are mainly taking up careers in fashion, medicine and education. According to a survey, the average household income of gay men is $83,000 per year and the lesbians earn $80,000 per year. The gay couples and lesbian partners earn $130,000 & $96,000. They work, enjoy, party and are also very happy in their respective lives and of course they are not cursed in any way for being who they are. Now those who think that they are living a miserable life should try to have a close check on the fact that shouts out loud the reality about their success and happiness.

Homosexuals can be changed?

Efforts to change sexual orientation can prove to be harmful. It can break a person mentally and psychologically. Most LGB persons have no desire to change their sexual orientation. However, some homosexuals try to ignore there natural instincts and reluctantly become straight to get an acceptance from the society. It should be known that there exist no effective therapeutic measures which can cure homosexuality because it is not a disease or disorder. The typical so called “heterosexuals” who believe gays can change and want them to get rid of their homosexuality ought to know that they themselves are the ones in need of a change in the first place and if they change atall then I am sure this world would be a better place to breathe in.



Anonymous asked:

I am bisexual, and I'm in love with my best friend , and I heard my mom bring up the other day that she doesn't mind people being gay but would kick her kids out if they were gay .. Now I can't ever come out to her or she'll kick me out and idk what to do :/

you can come out to her when you live on your own, but for now its not smart it suck but yeah… your mother is selfish, she is not thinking about your feelings. and that is stupid. but try not to think to much about it, just be yourself.


Anonymous asked:

My mom wants to move to New Jersey, and we currently live in Delaware. But I don't want to go because I don't want to leave my girl friend. I love her soo much. And I haven't told her about it. My mom won't have any sympathy because she's not really supportive or fond with me Being a lesbian. Ugh I don't know what to do. Do you have any advice for me?

okay you need to talk about this with your girlfriend, she needs to know this, you can talk about it and look what the options are, maybe start a long distance relationship.

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