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m4dg0dc4o5e7h asked:

How is it that you're this awesome? I mean, I feel bad that you don't have a girlfriend. ;-; But with your attitude you'll have one in no time. Also, who cares how you spell/type? I mean, jeez. Drink dat haterade anons.

Idk why haha. Really thank you this i very nice! Now i can smile the whole day :D

blassikowsky asked:

Hey i got a question based on your sexuality... how tolerant are the netherlands? I am bisexual and I think about moving to alkmaar :)

Heey. The netherlands are really gay supported. Of course there are a few homophobes. But i can be myself here. The netherlands is great if you talk about homosexuality.


Anonymous asked:

I like this girl and she kind of has a thing with another girl, but she held my hand last night and she said she kinda liked me a few weeks ago... What should I do? And my ex girlfriend likes me again and I don't want to hurt her feelings but I like the other girl

That other girl is taken so she need to think about what she want. You can wait for her. And about your ex just tell her that you cant give her now what she wants


Anonymous asked:

I've been with my girlfriend for a while, and I've gotten to that point where the thought of not having her is painful to think about. Recently, I haven't seen her much, and I thought I'd give her space because I know that I can be too much sometimes, but she sent me a message asking me if we'd still be friends if we broke up. She's scared of falling out of love with me, and the conversation turned shit and she disappeared. I don't know what to do, How can I save my relationship? She's the one

Hey. Go do something. You havent seen eachother in a while so go on a date. Go have dinner at a restaurant. Take her to the movie. Just do someting cute for her. And maybe afther a few days. Go talk with her about your relationship with her. Discuss things. And look for a resulution.


Anonymous asked:

Okie so I hav a story pretty weird n funny, I had this ex we date for year she fucked me over n left me for sum girl but damn that girl was cute af, after a while that girl mssg randomly saying she felt bad bc of what happen I said it was cool that I didn't had no hard feelings and she came up w sum weird shit saying I look like a person that is good in bed I was just like oh well then... At the end of all We end up doing sum things n my ex n her broke up n she jut want to fuck around w me now

Hahah great!

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