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Lesbian Story : on my new sofa?!

Heey guys this is such a great and funny story. This girl was not out to her mother until this happened when the new sofa got delivered.

My mother was a bit shocked when i came out to her…not in a bad way in a very funny way :) I was dating this girl…i was out but not fully i was 16 at the time. i was home alone with her when the new sofa my mom had ordered jsut got delivered. so the men brought it in i signed and blah blah. i took off the plastic wrap and a strong smell of leather filled the air. My then gf seemed to change she was flirting a lot kissing me (we had only kissed at thes point) when all of a suden she had her hand inside my panties (which was strange because she wasnt usualy forceful) I was so shocked and turns on there on the sofa being fingered kissed bitten played with by her she undressed most of my uniform kissed down my body and started to eat me out! i was in heaven (she admitted later on that the smell of the leather and my pussy was intoxicating)so there i was laid on the 5 mins old leather sofa my pussy dripping on to it my gf licking me out fignering me screamingwhen the door slams shut. I look down my mother stood there mouth wide open my gf jumped up and looked at me both almost crying. first thing my mother said…”on my new sofa?” that night we talked about it and all she said about it was “as long as your happy”

I want  to show that not all coming out storys are “i hate you gay son/daughter” Love life and love yourself…because the only thing we have to be scared of about “coming out” is…..well there is nothing!

Story form  skitty-skitty


Anonymous asked:

I told my best friend I was bisexual and going out with a girl. She gasped loudly and said God will take me to Hell and she's scared about me and why did I choose to be gay - mate you can't choose. She's such a close friend and I don't want to quit being friends

heeey, there are a lot of sites on the internet with info for homosexuality and religious people, find some info about it, and tell her that, maybe she will see that god will accept it if you are a good person. Im not religious so I don’t now how it works but what you should do is  look up some info for her.

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